Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Sleep wants to come to me,
but it is so disturbed.
Ideas keep bouncing in mind,
screaming to break out.

Finding no problem to solve,
I am getting a bit bored.
Maybe I can roam at night.
walking the lonely road.

Outside looks so dark and blue,
I think the moon is shy.
Some stars peek outside clouds,
making me to look high.

A few cars still drive about,
reaching somewhere sure.
I should follow one of them,
to find something more.

I can sure not walk that fast,
neither will I run now.
Hopefully, one of them stops,
so I can grab it round.

I think the trees want to talk,
calling to walk the ground.
The grass looks really inviting,
to just lay and look abounds.

I think I feel a yawn coming,
time to move back home.
The bed may let me rest today,
if not I can again come out.