Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My masterpiece

Among popular request I am finally publishing on blog my favorite writing in the romantic genre. 

Dear Future wife,

I do not usually write letters, but the last time we were chatting it seemed like you were expecting a letter from me. As you have known by now that I always have and will do things that make you happy and want to avoid disappointing you again. So after six long years, I will be attempting to write a postal mail to someone very special. Just for you. If you find any faults and mistakes in the letter, grammatical or emotional. Take them as my inexperience in both.

From the day you told me that you like me and then later on that you love me. I have been feeling that you are the greatest gift that life decided to give me. Throughout my life time I have tried to choose the path of greater good. Then you came into my life and we started planning our future together. You became my first and I believe the only selfish choice. I may have shown a lot of my true self to you than I ever did to anyone. So losing your friendship would be the worst part in my entire life’s journey.

Whenever my mind wanders I think about the chances we had to be together. I wanted to spend more time with you chatting. I always missed not having met you before I left. It would have been nice spending quality time together even if spent in talking gibberish or roaming around on endless roads.

I know we did make a lot of exciting plans together, none of which came to fruitation but all of them have become part of my best dream collection during nights. I also know that you had a lot of expectations from me and I just ended completely disappointing you. I have hated every moment of that. Especially, not meeting when I said I would and going without proper goodbye.

I wanted to include some advice in the letter. The best would be the one that could help you in the biggest problem you face. About the problem at your home. I want to tell or rather remind you of something that you may already know by now. In every family as long as people stay together with each other and getting in somebody’s way or belief. Disputes will arise and there would be angry fights. This will happen with anybody and happens in most families.

Still no matter how much or how many times you get upset with your parents or even if they fight each other. No matter how big a fight has been. The bond that connects everyone is extremely strong. They will always care for each other and definitely for you. So never take tension about it. Stress does not look good on you.  

To prove my point, I want you to imagine a moment when all of your friends may have left you because of changes in your life or theirs. Now imagine the most adverse of conditions you will ever face and you will see that your family would never leave you and never stop supporting you in your need. That is the trust that forms a solid foundation between you and them.

I know you were always curious about why I did not have any girlfriends or relationships before you. The simple reason was that I never wanted a girlfriend but a wife. The more complex was what kind of girl I was looking for to be my wife. Unlike normal people I was not looking for a wife who is rich or beautiful and never for a good cook or maid. Also I am a bit asexual by nature which means I am not that sexually attracted to woman and none at all to men.

I also believe in platonic love. So I had been on a lookout for a girl I could trust blindly, a girl that could have fun with me, and a girl who possessed a kind and understanding heart. So basically I was on the lookout for someone like me. You were that girl and more. After you now I am forced to look for additional qualities. Now I want a girl to be my life partner with whom I can spend my life and enjoy growing up kids. I want a girl with whom I can spend time spreading happiness and discovering subtle nuances of life.

Now you always asked me how I am so sure that I love you. I want you to know the biggest reason. I know in my heart that in future if there comes a moment to choose between getting you happiness and giving up my life. I would gladly choose the latter. This is what makes me so sure that I really love you. You are the only one I have ever loved and maybe the only one I ever will. You have set the bar so high that if not you, there is no other woman out there for me. For no girl can be better than you. After meeting you and knowing you, I cannot settle for any less or anyone else.

I am not familiar about how much you know about Greek history. So I will tell you something about the person in Greek legend known as Prometheus. It is written that it was Prometheus who gave mankind the gift of fire. The gods had forbidden Prometheus to do it so he was punished. They created a special jail for him which had pigeons that would attack and eat the liver out Prometheus causing him immense pain every day. Every night the liver would heal itself, thus making Prometheus suffer till eternity for a single mistake.

It is said that every day he was asked if he repented his decision. Prometheus said that he would gladly suffer for eternity for what he knew was the right choice. I have chosen to tell you this story as it can be compared to ours. If in future you decide to part ways and end up loving someone else or marrying another person. It may cause endless pain and suffering to me for a long time, even until I die. Still from this day to that day I will never rue the decision of choosing to love you with all my heart. I want you to give our relation your best try. For no matter what happens in future, in the end I want you to be happy and I also know I can provide you with that happiness.

You must think I over emphasize the fact about keeping you happy. There is a thing I have learned about woman in life. A woman no matter how common she is can be a queen and no matter how precious she is she can be a maid. Depending on how she is treated by the man she loves. I can keep you as my queen. At the end keep this in mind, when you find someone for you. Test him on this parameter and you will know if he is right for you or not.

I have seen a human life end for no reason, up close. Life is too short to keep postponing things. I know I will wait forever to spend my remaining life with you. That single ray of hope is also a poison that is killing me from the inside. Please do not keep me hanging. When you know how good your life can be, it is impossible to convince yourself in any other direction. My mind always follows my heart and my heart is stuck with you. Every stray hope bound to my heartbeat tells me that someday you will recognize my love and love me back truly. For I am the nicest person I know and you are the one for whom I care the most.

You will meet a lot of people who’ll tell you that staying happy is about letting go things that make you sad. Believe in me for I have learned the hard way that it does not happen so in real life. For being truly happy and staying happy, we need to find things that make us happy. That is another reason why we should make the boo-boo of letting each other go. If that is what you want.

I can only wish you all the best for your future and may you find love again in life. Promise me to always keep yourself safe and happy. Remember whenever you need any help I can find ways to help you. All you need to do is ask.

If you decide to never meet me again then I want you to complete writing on those cards. And on the day of our anniversary send them to my home. I really want to read them.
Also I would still love to be part of your life so keep me informed with what goes on in your life no matter how small the incident. Hope this letter finds you before the things I have set in motion begin.

Your future husband

P.S. – I will always love you forever. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My letter to you

Dearest girl,

No matter where I am, no matter what I do, you shall always be in my heart and in every blue lub dub.

I love you as a soldier loves his country..... and a captain his ship..... I will sit by your bedside for days while you are sick......
I will protect you like a tiger protects it's a dog his friend...I will stick with you like a gator or a roo ...and never let you be alone.....
I have always been a lone wolf, but am wanting to be a homely tiger. Would you be my tigress. We would just hunt together in the jungle.....

There is a man who loves you with all his heart, follows you like a shadow. He smiles for the world but lets you see his hurting inside. He loves you alone, how much time more is needed for you to love him. That man's mind is full of sadness, because he has to keep his feelings to himself. That man loves you because you are both the same. You are both fools. I want to be loved by you. My heart cries for you, but you do not hear. Yet it still waits for you.

Your man,