Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My letter to you

Dearest girl,

No matter where I am, no matter what I do, you shall always be in my heart and in every blue lub dub.

I love you as a soldier loves his country..... and a captain his ship..... I will sit by your bedside for days while you are sick......
I will protect you like a tiger protects it's cub...as a dog his friend...I will stick with you like a gator or a roo ...and never let you be alone.....
I have always been a lone wolf, but am wanting to be a homely tiger. Would you be my tigress. We would just hunt together in the jungle.....

There is a man who loves you with all his heart, follows you like a shadow. He smiles for the world but lets you see his hurting inside. He loves you alone, how much time more is needed for you to love him. That man's mind is full of sadness, because he has to keep his feelings to himself. That man loves you because you are both the same. You are both fools. I want to be loved by you. My heart cries for you, but you do not hear. Yet it still waits for you.

Your man,