Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My thoughts on your sob story

Life is a huge battle and alliances must be formed to fight that battle. One such alliance is the institute of marriage. A bond made between two people to live their lives together as one couple. They are the ones who protect each other from the world and provide help to each other in every aspect of life. A partner that gives you the strength to do things that you never dreamt.

People believe that there is one person who is perfectly build to be their partner or companion or ally. Whole life time are spent looking for that someone special. To search one person in a million is a huge achievement. This is where math becomes our enemy. If we imagine the perfect person to be a perfect score of 100 then there would still be a lot of people with a score of 98 or 99. They are nearly perfect and when they come in front of your eyes. You believe them to be the one.

If you imagine you have met the one person who is perfectly made for you. Then he has to be perfect for you. If he is not then there will be more and there will be others. Every friend of mine who has had a break up comes to me and says he/she was perfect for me and we would never find anyone like him/her. Well good news for you people is India alone has a population over a billion. Somewhere among these people is another person who will be better for you than the one you just lost. If you do not believe in the math then believe in the destiny. Look at the person who left you and think, did you really want him to be that person. Did you want your perfect life mate to be the person who leaves you behind for someone else or just plain leaves you for no reason at all?

People have given endless reasons to break up with someone. He did not have same faith as me or she did a lot of shopping. You may think of endless reasons, yet there is one and only one reason. You broke with her because you did not love her enough. People in love do not leave you behind. They wait for you and stay with you forever. Whenever you fail to find the right person remember Edison and his invention of bulbs. It is not just about the finding the right material but also cancelling out the wrong ones.