Tuesday, July 28, 2015


They tell me to find another girl and move on. The only reply I can give them is that- "I was not rejected but I was betrayed". I have already moved on for I no longer have the same feelings for that girl that I did in the past. Yet the fact cannot be denied that I had invested a huge amount of trust and hope in the formation of that relationship. I can no longer afford to give the same trust or tend to have the same hope for any other relationship. In the absence of trust and hope no relationship can ever be better relationship.

Knowing what I could have given and what I would be able to give in the future. There would be a huge difference in the expectations I have and the expectations I know the other person would have. In the current lack of trust the relationship is doomed from the start and the person whose trust I may end up breaking may end up like me. There is no way I would want to play with the trust and hope of somebody else. No man or woman should lose hope and I cannot willingly be the cause of the false hope of another.

I have been told I am being too immature and that life is to move beyond the challenges that life throws at you. On the other hand, I always had a firm belief that maturity was in knowing that nobody is truly right or wrong in any situation and everybody will react differently in the aftermath of it. I have nothing against the person who broke my trust for I truly believe she is not wrong in the situation. I have reacted in the way I believe is best for others which may look like a different reaction from the ordinary but so was the situation. It is my way of moving on and any person who does not respect that is the one who lacks maturity.

Dedicated to Scar and Hunter