Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why I can't stop loving you ?

You broke my heart when it had just started to find out the nuances between being in love and being loved. It seemed that I had quite a lot to learn when it came to loving someone with your heart. I believed that I loved everyone as I always found myself getting attached to people emotionally and easily. Until you came in my life and showed me that one person can be loved more than everyone else.

We were so perfect together. I loved chocolates and u did not. It meant I did not have to share them which I hated. I loved showing off and you did not. You would just listen curiously to any tale I told you about my life. You loved to learn and I loved to teach. You made me correct your mistakes and teach you so much that I started correcting everyone's mistakes even when they did not want me to. You loved to speak and I loved to listen. You liked to tell me about everything in your past and present and I loved to hear those stories as they were my own. You loved staying at home and I loved roaming around endlessly. You always ended up home and I was always going away from it. 

It is not just the differences but also the similarities between us that made us perfect. We both loved the environment and wanted to do something about protecting it. We both were interested in a life long relationship. No relation is good that does not have an end. 

To be continued......